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The right insulation plays a major role in moisture control.

When you think of insulation, you likely think of temperature control. Regulating the temperature in your home or office is certainly a key role of insulation, but it does a lot more to keep your space comfortable. Insulation seals the interior of your space to protect it from exterior elements not limited to temperature. Insulation keeps pests out, regulates airflow, and acts as a moisture barrier. If you’re experiencing excess moisture issues in your home or office, insulation may be the key to moisture control.

Moisture Control in Dickinson, Texas

At Lone Star Spray Foam Services LLC, we know how crucial insulation materials and proper installation are to the health and safety of your space. Excess moisture can affect the structural integrity of a building, not to mention contribute to poor air quality, as well as mold and mildew growth. Our spray foam insulation acts as a moisture-resistant shield for your home thanks to its closed-cell properties. It expands to fit every last inch to create a seamless barrier to keep moisture out.

We service homes and offices throughout Dickinson, Texas and can help with any moisture control issues you have. We specialize in spray foam installation and can also provide attic and crawlspace encapsulations to address excess moisture. The right solution will depend on your unique circumstances, and our expert team will assess and implement the best course of action for you.

Don’t delay seeking help if you need moisture control services. Regulating the moisture levels in your space is essential for your health and well-being, in addition to the integrity and longevity of your home or office. Give our team a call and we’ll keep your space healthy and protected.

At Lone Star Spray Foam Services LLC, we are proud to offer moisture control services to customers in Houston, Dickinson, Santa Fe, Texas City, Aldine, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, Alvin, Seabrook, Webster, Pearland, Lake Jackson, Bay City, Clute, Angleton, Wharton, Friendswood, La Porte, and League City, Texas.