Residential Insulation Removal & Replacement - Upgrade Today

Are you remodeling your home in the greater Houston area? If so, it’s time to knock out your harmful, old insulation. Lone Star Spray Foam Services, LLC will remove the fiberglass insulation from your roof and replace it with sturdy, protective spray foam insulation.

We install both open-cell and closed-cell home spray foam insulation in the greater Houston area. Open-cell spray foam is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Closed-cell foam is high-density and waterproof, which makes it ideal for homes located in flood zones.

Not sure which type is best for your home? An expert from Lone Star Spray Foam Services can go over the pros and cons of each type with you before your installation appointment. Call (281) 714-1244 right now to speak with a experienced spray insulation contractor located in Missouri City, TX.

Person Providing Residential Insulation Services


Improper insulation can cause a lot of problems inside your home. Here are a few signs it’s time to upgrade your insulation:

  • The temperature in your home is uneven
  • Your energy bill keeps rising
  • There’s water leaking into your attic

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, contact Lone Star Spray Foam Services right away to discuss replacing your insulation with high-quality spray foam.