Stay Comfortable and Save Money: Your Guide to Home Insulation

HomeBlogStay Comfortable and Save Money: Your Guide to Home Insulation

Homeowners know that their home insulation affects a house’s temperature and energy efficiency. Maintaining proper insulation requires a bit more understanding of how insulation works and how you can ensure you stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs down.

Stay Comfortable and Save Money: Your Guide to Home Insulation

Home insulation is an extra barrier between the home and the outside as well as a filler between the internal cavities. Insulation’s efficacy is measured in R-value, which refers to how well it resists heat flow. Home insulation is designed to keep heat in during cold weather and also block heat when it’s hot out. The right insulation for a home depends on the climate and the home’s design.

Proper home insulation affects the overall energy efficiency of the house. The better the insulation, the more efficiently the HVAC system operates, a major contributor to lower energy costs.

Of course, home insulation also has a direct effect on maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house all year long. Insulation prevents drafts and regulates uniform temperatures throughout the home. When insulation does its job, a home can remain comfortable no matter how it feels outside.

There are several types of home insulation on the market today, and they serve various needs depending on the climate as well as where it’s needed in the home. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  • Fiberglass – This insulation that is made up of tiny glass fibers, is easy to install, and fire resistant.
  • Mineral wool – Mineral wool insulation is made from natural or even recycled materials. It is non-combustible and moisture resistant.
  • Spray foam – Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal, making it great for all the nooks and crannies while providing premium thermal protection.

Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable home. With proper home insulation, you can enjoy consistent indoor temperatures while saving on your energy bills.